John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Barbara Vanderherchen '49

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Barbara (Bobbie) Vanderherchen entry:
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The class of '49 has been busy locating members, so far we have found Bob Braun, Bobby Detwiler, John DeCoursey (who sadly passed away this past fall), Sandra Trexler, Betsy Jockers, Virginia Durian, Laura Diesenroth and Paul Bockenhaur. Sandy, Virginia and I had lunch together in October---after so many years we still found lots to talk about.
Barbara (Bobbie) Vanderherchen
Barbara (Bobbie) Vanderherchen:
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Good to see the picture of my classmates on this website.

I left Jenks after the 7th grade, but have enjoyed "reuning" with Sandy Trexler, Betty Marvin, Bob Braun, Bob Detwiler, Virginia Durian, Betsy Jockers, Paul Bockenhauer, John DeCoursey (now deceased) over the ast few years either in person, by email or telephone!!

I remember Barbara Grimner well---she was such an athlete. I also attended a birthday party at her house.
Bobbie Vanderherchen Gilkerson

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Maryanne, we are searching for you.

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