John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Adrienne Wyche
From the Class of '66 Photograph contributed by Carol Millinghausen '66

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Adrienne Wyche (Thomas) entry:
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Adrienne H. Wyche here, class of 66'

Married name Adrienne H. Thomas, Esq.

Profession, Attorney
Graduated Rutgers School of Law

*Deputy Attorney General-Delaware
*Prosecutor Burlington County New Jersey
*Chief Counsel to the Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee
*Currently Chief Corporate Counsel

Michael Stevenson entry:
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4/8/2013 - Well, it was certainly a pleasure, and pleasant surprise to hear from Adrienne Wyche (Thomas) today, who has had a remarkable career. Good to see you hear, Adrienne, welcome to the Jenks chat group, and I certainly wish you and all of your family, the very best!

Michael Stevenson entry:
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4/6/2005 - Adrienne, we are searching for You and your brother Sammy, and your sister Nancy.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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8/26/2018 - Adrienne, we all loved your sister, Nancy, a woman of great accomplishment. May God bless her, and you all.

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Profession:Profession, Attorney; Graduated Rutgers School of Law
Status:Alive and well as reported by her brother, Samuel '68
Current Location: