John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Donald Watlington, Jr. '70

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Donald Watlington, Jr. entry:
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Mr Giorno called me and gave me this web site. He was my favorite teacher a Jenks (and later, my sister's.) I'll always remember Science and Music classes. (Favorite subjects I continued to study.)

Looking at the 1970 Class Picture ...

The guy on the 1st Row far Right is one of the Noonan brothers, I think John, but maybe James.
Row #3, 2nd spot (beside Christina), looks like Joe (Chafin?)
4th Row 3rd from Right is Michael Wilson.
Row #5, spot 2 is Peter (?)
Row #5, spot 5 is Camille (?)
Row #5, last spot is Jane (?)

I have some guesses too.
Row #4, spot 7(beside Michael) --Big Guess-- Ruth???
Row #5, spot 3(beside Peter) --Big Guess-- Rosemary???

There must have been a 2nd class for 1970.
I don't see Vincent Young, Richard Turner, Liz Lightcap, Chris Booth, Robert Chierci (Wendy Chierci's (66) younger brother), James? Noonan, or myself Donald Watlington, Jr. (I think my card, if it still exists, is at my dad's house.)

Vincent & Richard went with me to Central High; Liz went to Girl's High. Liz was President of her senior class at Girls High. I remember Liz & Richard playing a Flute Duet during our Spring Concert(Central & Girls High) in 1973. Richard was elected senior class S-FAC Representative (Student-Faculity Advisory Committee). Last I heard, Richard was an MD in California. Vincent was elected Vice President of our senior class at Central. Last I heard, Vincent is an Ophthalmologist and Department Chairman locally.

Best of Luck,

Don Watlington, Jr.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Welcome to you, Donald and thank you for your Class of '70 names editing!

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