John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Jennifer Williams
From the Class of '67 Photograph contributed by Nancy Karen Stevenson
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Michael Stevenson entry:
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In November 2006, I and my family had the pleasure of visiting with Jennifer and her husband Steve, and their handsome son Gus, in their lovely home in Virginia. We shared one of the most wonderful dinners together that you can imagine including Salmon! Jennifer looked to me to be a few years *younger than the last time I saw her, and had the same vibrant energy as before. Thanks much Steve and Jennifer for a wonderful time!

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Jennifer was a very encouraging person and we are *searching for *you. I did meet up with Jennifer when I was 19 years old and we share very meaningful exchanges. It would be great to hear from Jennifer once again.

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Status:Alive and Well
Current Location:Virginia
Comment:Jennifer Courtney

Bonus Photos:
(Left to Right) Jennifer & Steve Courtney, Leah Stevenson, Gus Courtney, Ethan, Bethany and Evan
Jennifer Courtney and Michael Stevenson 2006