John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Miss Wholey Teacher

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Miss Wholey, was one of the precious people who signed my autograph book at my graduation in June 1968. Here is her autograph. It is safe to say that Miss Wholey was every student's dream. She was very, very nice to us, while upholding all the fine standards that were the John Story Jenks Elementary School. What Miss Wholey was known for were class trips. She would take a class on a trip to a museum, park or other place of interest, and do so often. And the kids knew it, loved it and loved Miss Wholey.

    Miss Wholey actually lived rather close to my home in Germantown, Philadelphia, on the 100 block (east) of Tulpehocken Street. Miss Wholey was so nice that I actually made one of those volunteer efforts to come to school the day after the last day of school to help the teacher pack up. I got paid $5.00, (big doin's back then). I don't know that it is possible to have a better elementary school teacher than Mrs. Wholey.

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