John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Marty Wagner '61

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Joseph, it was great to hear from you and what your life's adventure has been. You know I don't think you mentioned what position you are in the the photo of the 1961 Graduating Class #3. Please advise and I can post your picture on your page.

Joseph (Marty) Wagner entry: 8/2/2015
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My sister sent me her graduating class info and, of course, I looked up my embarrassing picture as well. Went there from third through eighth grade. Then known as Marty Wagner. Was the star of Mrs. Stalker's Christmas special "Hansel and Gretel". Not much else to my credit other than to run afoul of Mrs. Banwell's Christmas project by creating a hand made wooden plaque bearing the inscription "God Bless Our Mortgaged Home". She was not amused. Went on to Central High, the University of Rhode Island and then the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston. Worked on Wall Street, lived in Asia, married a Vassar girl and had two great boys. Have been in Minnesota for over 20 years.

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Comment:His photo is in the Class of '61 #3 Graduation Photograph