John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Jayne Marie Young
From the Class of '61 Photograph contributed by Bernard Kafes '61

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Jane, we are searching for *you.

Jayne Marie Young entry:
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Hi, this is Jayne Marie Young. I am incorrectly identified as Jane Young. In 1961,
I am 13 years old in this picture. I still have this photograph, but it is tucked
away somewhere in some box with precious memories. When I came upon this picture
and seeing my classmates oh what joy and happiness filled my heart on seeing them
once again. When I go back to my precious memories box, I’ll pull out this photograph
as I believe I can provide names for some of our other classmates.
I am on Row 3 and incorrectly identified as #10 Jane Young. If starting from the
left-hand side of the photograph, and counting forward, I am #8. That’s
Diane Townes #9 standing to my left, and Diane Lorenzo #10 is standing to the left
of Diane Townes. Diane Lorenzo is the last person in the 3rd row of that line. 

Starting from the left-hand side of the photograph (10 people are standing in this row)
the names should read as follows:
#1 – Unknown. #2 – Gail Perry. #3 – Deidre Ferguson. #4 – Unknown. #5 – Unknown.
#6 – Unknown. #7 – Unknown. #8 – Jayne Marie Young. #9 – Diane Townes. #10 – Diane Lorenzo. 
On the 2nd row starting from the left-hand side of the photograph there are 10 people.
#1 – Marilyn ?. #2 – Valerie Burton. #3 – Jill Hemphill. #4 – Evelyn Gόnter.
#5 – Unknown. #6 – Unknown. #7 – Sally ?. 
#8 – Gmerice Lamb. #9 – Gwendolyn Owens. #10 – Rosalie ?
On the Top Row Standing there are 8 guys standing. At present I can only identify one
by name. Counting from the left-hand side of the photograph the guy who is #7 is,
#7 – Franklin Farmer.

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