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"After The Fall" 
words and music by Michael Stevenson
performed on Korg T1 Music Workstation

    Late one night as I went
    To fall asleep again
    there came a main event
    brand new and Heaven sent
                   ...welcomed change

    Straight down from Deity
    His Spirit fell on me
    full of His majesty
    Moment of ecstacy
          and faith   

After the fall, your Spirit
unveiled it all, you showed me
all of the love you gave

Worship to Majesty
Vessel to Deity
I still recall that day

After the fall, you made me
free from the law, you showed me
salvation is by grace

First, came to rescue me
Now, here to strengthen me
Worship to Majesty
Vessel to Deity
Here with me in this place

     After the fall
     I don't fit in at all, you see
     I walk another way

     I see it differently
     His ways of purity
     and his amazing grace

After the fall, after the fall
after the fall of you grace
atfer the fall, after the fall
after you've shaken this place


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