Pat & Dolores Caffrey, Concrete, Washington
we are christian bikers from the state of Washington. My husband is trying to bring word to people on the Y2K issue...
Robert Calleja, Malta
I always wished to used my gift of music to seek god and to help other seek him. Michael Talbot, I admire your great gift and the simple way which you touch peaople through your music. I would like to get some conatact witch you some day. Yours Robert
Michelle Carlson, USA
This Page is Awesome Mike...Great Job!!! You have been a great help to me since I have met you my brother in Christ.....May He Continue his Great Work through you...God Bless You Mike and We ALL love you here....
Barbarah Choina, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Missions field.
Cindee, US.
Michael, your page is great, you have done an excellent job. I sure enjoyed reading your testimony and listening to the teachings,and looking around at the pages. I have talked to you in pow wow, and you have been a help. Thanks,
Harriet Crisp, New Zealand
It's rad to see this on the internet. I have a few verses for any Christians that I think are awesome, not as awesome as God himself though!!! Verses Psalms 91:14-16 Happy reading...
Ron Cusano, USA
Shalom in the name of Sar Shalom, the Prince of Peace! Praise the Lord, it is good to see something godly on the net! Keep up the good work my brothers & sisters.


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