Personal Testimonies

Madelyn Holmes  
  About six years ago my sister announced that she
was pregnant with the baby of her boyfriend. The
boyfriend left her when he found out he was going
to be a father again. She decided she couldn't go
on with the pregnancy and was going to get an
abortion the next day. When she called me and told
me this I told her if she goes full term I would
take the baby but if she aborts I'll would feel
very sad because I would never know this child.

  After I hung up the phone I prayed to God and
told him that I did my part now it is your turn.
The next day on the way to the abortion clinic her
car broke down. They returned home and tried the
next day but the traffic was so bad the cars weren't
moving. They return home and tried for the third
time on the third day and they reached the abortion
clinic and there were protesters in front of the
clinic and when she was shown pictures of aborted
babies in pieces she just could not go through with
it and returned home and had Brian. Brian at the age
of two was able to take a vacuum cleaner apart and
put it back together again.

  Now I believe in the power of prayer more than ever.
God is so wonderful.

                                Thank you God


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