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Susan Christensen
What Yeshua Did For Me

    Yeshua has done so much for me I cannot tell it all. First of all I do not deserve His immense abounding grace but have received forgiveness, cleansing, His righteousness, the priviledge of becoming a child of God and the amazing unabounding factor that when I become a child of God, because of His promises I become a partaker in His Divine Nature. WOW WOW WOW DOUBLE WOW!!!

    In 1974 I was saved through a TV program. When I was 21. I was living in sin with my boyfriend. I was a hippie, a drug taker and totally broken hearted. I was engaged to my boyfriend I was living with because I felt guilty to be living with him. The Holy Spirit had me under conviction. I repented when I found out I was a sinner saved by grace. When I repented it felt like heaven came down and lived inside of me. It felt like all of a sudden the whole earth was heaven.

    Reading the bible was like love letters.

    Then after meeting an evangelical group after one year, that my twin brother led me to. I helped establish a church led by the Holy Spirit through dreams and visions. We did what they did in the New Testament and laid everything at the apostles feet. I was in a deliverance/ healing Holy Spirit lead training centre where I learned about spiritual warfare.

    My sister in Christ there had a dream about me being an intercessor. I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1975, the gifts of tongues and interpretation and prophecy.

    Because we were in a deliverance ministry to set people free the enemy has been after me now for 32 years and it is been so difficult at times I thought I lost my mind.

    However, the Lord Jesus Christ has been so amazingly pulling me out of the pit that today I feel better, happier and stronger than I ever could have imagined.

    I have received through the laying on of hands from Papa Gill a miracle-working Apostle the gifts of healing, workings of creative miracles and miracles.

    Within the last week I spoke to my knee that has been crippled for over ten years and it literally arranged itself and I can walk very well now, what a joy! Praise to Jesus holy name.

    Four days ago I prayed for my friend Debbie a prophetess. The Lord gave me a vision of her spine. We were trained how to pray by Papa Gill. We measure her feet and they were uneven.

    Then as I prayed for her we all witnessed her leg grow out.

    God is wonderul to his children and it is time the children of God stepped up to the plate and did the wonderful works of Jesus.

    He said if you believe in the name of Jesus, you will cast out demons, speak with new tongues, lay hands on the sick and they will recover. It is happening.

    All we need is to be taught the Word of God in truth.

    In 2003 the Lord used me in prophecy in an unusual way, for the first time. I prophesied hurricane Juan coming in Canada.

    Later in the living room in 2005 I prophesied the other hurricanes in the States.

    In 2004 I saw a vision of Jesus at the door. The Lord said through my lips, "I am about to come to earth with such great power that has never seen before time began until now", then the synami came.

    This is the beginning of birth bangs. I am taking the course the way of the master, with no compromise of the Word of God and trying to save as many souls as I can before the judgement comes to the earth.

    May God richly bless all readers who read my testimony.

    Love in Christ Jesus,

    Susan Christensen


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