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3rd Book of the Bible
Original Language: Hebrew
Author: MOSES
... the prophet of Israel who stood against the Pharaoh of Egypt, and led the children of Israel out of Egypt to freedom, by the power of Almighty GOD. He received directly from GOD the law as he met with Him a top Mount Sinai during the Exodus. He led Israel throughout the entire period of the Exodus and sojourn in the dessert. He died just prior Israel's entrance into the promised land. Though entirely a man of God, Moses himself represented the law, therefore his non- entrance into the holy land symbolizes that no man will be justified by the law before GOD's throne. Interestingly enough it was Joshua- a name very similar to Yeshua, translated 'salvation', who led Israel into the promised land, indicating it is by the grace of GOD that we are saved.
This third book in the Bible, deals heavily with the law. The Law(s) (many more than ten) that were given to Moses atop Mount Sinai, as given by Yahweh to the children of ISRAEL. This is one of the sections of scriptures where you will see in GOD's standard of holiness revealed by detailed practices He ordained. While Leviticus appears slower in development of events than the preceding books, Leviticus is "Not a Slowdown At All".
  • Details of sin offerings and sacrifices
  • Precise definition of human sexuality
  • The spiritual meaning of the animal sacrifice



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