John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

John Badal '59 Awaiting Photo
From the Class of '59 Photograph contributed by Barry Naus

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John Badal entry:
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It's been a year since Bill Evans posted memories of the Massaros and Gumps; I just found this website. Guy Massaro was a close friend of my brother, both of whom graduated Jenks in 1958. Guy has visited us a couple times in Albuquerque in the last several years .. boy, have we all changed. I graduated in 1959.

We lived on Ardleigh and Mead, a short walk to school. I didn't hang around Gumps too much, but did spend a whole lot of nickles on baseball cards and dimes on coke with chocolate syrup and a touch of milk -- what we called chocolate white wash -- at Kay's Drug Store on Germantown and Gravers Lane.

Do you remember the old barn that was somewhat hidden beyond the iron fence on the north side of the Jenks playground? We used to hang around that old place (trespassing clearly) on summer days, pretending to be on some Huck Finn adventure. As suburban as our neighborhood was, we were able to find crab apples on Highland Avenue, huckleberries in the woods at the watertower park, and cherries on the lot behind the mortuary on Germantown Avenue, north of Gravers Lane.

Didja ever take a swim in the Wissahickon? We used to drink right from the river .... not that it was so clean, but rather we were so stupid. We live in Albuquerque, NM and have a vacation home in Silver City, NM, not far from Bill Evans Lake. The water's so clear you can actually drink from it.

John Badal, Class of '59

John Badal entry:
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I had Mrs. Schuler as my 7th grade home room teacher in 1958 and was inspired by her. Of all the teachers I knew at Jenks (and I can remember them all), she was the most compassionate, while at the same time demanding. She was the epitome of a dedicated teacher. I credit her with much of my love of learning and my avoiding juvenile detention.

John Badal
Class of '59

John Badal entry:
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Barry Naus has a good memory. To add a bit to the graduation photo lineup, the persons on the 3rd row: 1st to the left is Paul Fink, the 5th from left, to Randy Neu's' left is Spitzer (first name forgotten), the correct spelling of Edmund's las name, 5th from right is Boericke, Thelma (last name forgotten is to Edmund's left, and I am standing rather shortly at the very end, John Badal, the 1st on the right.

On the 2nd row, the 1st name of the 2nd person on the left is Larry (Davidson), the person to his left is Dorothea (last name forgotten).

On the 1st row, Barry indeed got Dave Markle's and Priscilla Davis's names correctly. Arthur King, by the way, died some years back.

I just found this wonderful website and want to thank you and any others for the work and love of alma mater for building and maintaining it.

John Badal

John Badal entry: 4/15/2016
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2nd row (one after the kneeling row), 6th person from left is Bob Badal, my brother and an attorney in Santa Barbara, CA.

My older brother Joe graduated with the 1958 class, my 2 sisters Karla and Janice graduated with the 1964 and 1965 classes, respectively. All of us our out West.

John Badal

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Welcome to John Badal who has helped greatly in identifying members of the 1959 Graduating Class.

Glad to hear from you, John.
Michael S.

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