John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Bill Evans
From the Class of '56 Photograph contributed by Robert Kafes
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Bill Evans entry:
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Michael: It is such a pleasure to follow this thread of memory. Even meeting new people such as yourself. After all we are all alumni of the same wonderful environment. Yes, I was in the Navy. On board the USS Boxer (LPH4). We were on a Mercury capsule pickup down in the south Atlantic and two cruises to Viet Nam ('66 and '67). I was hoping Faith Jamison or Robert Kafes might provide the names because they were with the class from K to 8. But since they are slow to respond I'll give you names.

Starting from the back row standing left to right: Rex Orbel, Glyn Priestman, Dennis Hunt, Robert Kafes, William Howard. 2nd row standing, the lovely ladies of our class: Faith Jamison, Betty Burrows, Sandra Parry, Doris Hedrick, Sally Rieger, Barbara Wilkins, Constance Liberator. 3rd row kneeling: Bill Evans, Joe Massaro, Frank Casper (deceased), Walter Flindt, Castle Wood Tiffin (Pinky), Norman Voldow.

Not pictured for various reasons: Steve Wallis, Rene Kogan, Beverly Price. More to follow as soon as Faith gets in gear.

My spellcheck is lighting up like a pinball machine so probably some of the name's spelling is questionable, I can only vouch for my own. Due to the A/B system some of the kids I considered to be in our class were not in this picture. Names that come to mind are: Ronnie Catrombone, Lloyd Paridiso, Dominic Nicero, Arshaluce Bandaian, Clinton Cox, Rickey Schaver (sp),

Michael, please, please try to come up with some pictures of the teachers. Doesn't anyone at Jenks have mug shots? Thanks again for the opportunity to relive those years, for better or for worse.

Yours truly,

Bill Evans entry:
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Hi, Michael: Time for another update from the class of '56. I am lovin' this website!! You are doing a terrific job! Thanks to you I have been in touch with Robert Kafes, Steve Wallis and Faith Jamison. And I am looking forward to hearing from others. Sandy Parry, Joe Massaro, Sally, Carla, Beverly.

Come on people you know who you are. I think the class of '56 will amaze you with their collective memory once we dig out those old photographs, blow off the dust and learn how to use our, whatchamacallits. Uhhh, computers, scanners etc. I'm including some pictures of the self so people won't think I was stuck in a time warp and didn't age. Also the telephone number in case the computer don't do it's thing. 215-345-1588 or The first picture is on honeymoon in New England while on leave from Navy. 2nd picture is post Navy in the '70's and the last is the most recent of me and my wife, Stella. Hope there's room for more pics. Thanks, Michael.

Yours truly,
Bill Evans

Linda Nedzwecky Fuchs entry:
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I'm sorry but my aunt passed away several years ago, leaving behind a 16 year old daughter. Her death was very sudden. She was employed by Ford Motor Company in Lansdale at the time & worked part time w/ me at Re/Max.

She was the youngest of four - Katherine Bandaian Nedzwecky,my mom (now in Artman Lutheran Nursing Home), another sister K.Ann Bandaian(Lansdale) & John Bandaian(getting married next week & living in Skippack) (they also went to Jenks) and all survive Arshy.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news

Linda (Nedzwecky) Fuchs (class of '64)

Bill Evans entry:
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I remember the Massaro's very well! Joe and I were close friends for the four years I attended J S Jenks. I lived at 8117 Germantown Av. and The Massaro's lived directly behind us on Devon St.

I recall Joe's father, Ceasar, was quite an outdoorsman. He had a pet crow named "Caca" (sp) named by his mother who lived next door. (If you speak Italian you can translate the name). I recall when Mr Massaro was successful in his annual deer hunt the trophy would hang outside (till frost??) for everyone to see. I remember "Barney" the Massaro's old dog. Wheww!! What did he eat???

Does anyone remember Miss Kern? Was she the most beautiful young teacher..EVER? She must be in her 70's by now but in my memory she is still 21 and fresh from college.

Does anybody remember "The Gumps" on Ardleigh St? I think that hangout was the inspiration for "Happy Days" The jukebox, hamburgers and milkshakes. How about 25 cent sundaes at the Willow Grove Av Pharmacy? Three scoops of Breyers ice cream, marshmallow, vanilla syrup, whipped cream (real) and a cherry on top. Man, that's heaven!

A few more names come to mind- Sandy Jenkins, Dominick Nuccero, Paul Wassum (sp), Faith Jamison, Beverly Price, Robert Kafis (sp), an aspiring actor, I remember him in a production at the Stagecrafters in the 50"s.

Thanks for the memories. Holy mackerel, Am I really this old?

Thanks, Michael for the opportunity to travel back to "the Avenue"
        Bill Evans

Bill Evans 11/15/2005:

I regret to inform you that Arshy has passed away. I have the pleasure of seeing her sister, Ann, occassionally and we reminice about the old days. And they were the "good old days."

Likewise, Ronnie Catrombone has left us. He worked for the U S Postal Service in Chalfont, Bucks County until his passing.

And while I'm bearing bad news I might as well mention that my friend, Frank Casper has also passed. He and I retired from PECo about eleven years ago and died shortly after.

If anyone out there knows Joe Massarro or "Pinky" Tiffin, please tell them I said "Hi". Also Steve Wallace, Carla Heintz and Sally Rigor (sp)

Bill Evans (1956)

Bill Evans entry:
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I seem to recall a song that was taught in morning auditorium and the words were composed by an alumni. The melody was a classic tune (I recall it but I can't convey it). See if anyone remembers these lyrics.: Up in old Chestnut Hill

There is peace and good will In a school that is dear to our hearts. J. S. Jenks in our dreams You'll be with us it seems Through ideas and ideals You impart etc, etc. I don't recall the rest.

    I attended Jenks from 1953 to 1956 and remember teachers: Ms Wholey, Miss Kern, Ms. Findlay and Ms Turney (especially Miss Kern) Do these names ring a bell? Bill Evans

Michael Stevenson entry:
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It's just wonderful to see these great photographs! Thanks for sharing you photos, Bill.

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Bill Evans and Sally Rieger, Class of '56 in 2009

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