John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Mr. Stanley Gershman
From the 1982-83 Teachers Photograph contributed by Nancy Uhle '67

Stanley Gershman Tribute Stanley Gershman Tree
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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Fair winds and following seas, dear Mr. Gershman. And you remain a part of, and live in these joyful memories we have (to the max).

Mr. Gershman was my Physical Education teacher and Director of the Safety Patrol.

    On the Ardleigh St. side of the school yard this tribute plague and tree stand as a permanent statement of appreciate to Mr. Gershman for 34 years of service. I second the motion. Since this plague was laid in 1991 it would mean that Mr. Gershman arrived at Jenks approximately 1957, two years before I arrived in 1959 (for kindergarden).

    I think Mr. Gershman was a fantastic person and teacher. One thing for sure is that he was a real leader. Whatever he was instructing, whether it be his directorship of the Safety Patrol, Physical Education class or special project he never dictated to the students, rather we admired his smooth presentations and guidance to us, and coordial leading as to what was right and wrong. He was the best.

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