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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Fireman S. Johnson, our janitor, was one of the precious people who signed my autograph book at my graduation in June 1968. Here is his autograph. There is actually a short story to this. If you will notice, the inscription is actually addressed to "Haines Street", referring of course to the Haines St. gang of Germantown.

    It was my good friend, David Sherman who pointed out to me that Fireman S. Johnson was actually from the Haines St. gang. Now, with this classy endorsement I was once again sanctioned to travel in the Haines St. area with no concerns of ill health. Hooray!!! I apparently rated the designation of "cool", therefore I could walk with all assurity of welcome. (I never tried this out.)

    Now on this day in June 1968 when we went to the Custodians office (located in the gymnasium) for autographs, David and I first spoke with the younger Fireman Johnson, and then to the Head Custodian, Mr. Isaac Capers. He, obviously having a much broader outlook and concern for my future influence on society, signed my book by urging me to "get into something that will help the country."

    Well, I'm not going to disregard any major endorsements by Fireman Johnson, but I certainly thank Mr. Capers for his inspiring words which caught my attention both then and now. I knew he was saying something important.

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