John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Sandra Parry
From the Class of '56 Photograph contributed by Robert Kafes

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Sandy Parry Howard entry:
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My cousin, Linda, led me to your web page. Thanks, Linda...I owe you! Really delighted to see the photos of former classmates (wish I had smiled), but, I was sorry to read that some of them have already passed away.

I live in the Seattle, WA area (Pacific Northwest), because my husband, Doug came here 30 years ago to work for Boeing, as a systems analyst.

I worked in market research, public relations, and medical research, and owned and operated a small tour company for 5 years, before the price of gas went "sky high." Please come visit Seattle, but make sure you do it in Summer,when it stops raining! If you ever wanted to take an Alaskan cruise, you can here.

My"kids" (Byron & Dianne) live in the L.A. area (nicer weather down there). They work at art-related, technical kinds of jobs and love it in sunny CA.

Please feel free to email me - I'd love to hear from you!
Sandy Parry Howard

Michael Stevenson entry:
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