John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Wilma Tielkemeijer
From the Class of '68 Photograph contributed by Ed Richey '68

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Michael S. entry:
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Hi Wilma (from Michael),
It sure is good to hear from you. If what I have is a cherished experience from back in Jenks, it's because of people like you. We sure had a lot of fun back then (smile).


Wilma Tielkemeijer entry:
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My married name is Hood and I work in the Cardiac Cath lab at Abington Hosp. I switched to Abington in 1997. I now live in Horsham. Call my @ 215-675-6381.

Nancy Uhle entry:
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And what department are you in at Abington Hospital? A place where you can perhaps look up Wilma?
Nancy '67

Nancy Uhle entry:
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Wilma did live on Rex Ave when she first moved to the States, then they moved to East Moreland Ave. I don't know Wilma's married name but she worked at Chestnut Hill Hospital in the radiology dept. How many Wilma's can there be? I'd love to get her sister's address or phone number. It's been years since I've talked to her. What area are you in, Steve?
Nancy '67

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hi Nancy, and all,
   Boy, this is a real shocker for me (the change at the hospital). My family has a real connection with that place and I sure thought of it as a wonderful place. Probably still is, just surprised at this change. When I was just a child, I got hit by a car while riding my bicycle and that is where I received excellent treatment for that injury. Been there a lot, since then, as well.

Also, once when I was about 17, I went to the hospital for some reason and Eleanor Lachimia from the 1968 class was working there as a nurse. She actually gave me a needle. It was great to see her, again. This was a long time ago though as I am more like 51, now.

Nancy, I also saw your message about Wilma Tielkemeijer possibly working at Abington Hospital. Boy would that be great to get in contact with her.

Much to do!
-- Michael

Steven Nedzwecky entry:
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Hi Nancy / Michel ! Did Wilma Tielkemeijer live on Rex Ave at the bottom near Seminole Sreet ? - Also I too work at Abington Hospital , Please let me know if she does and what her married name is , I will look her up. Thanks Steve "70"

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Wilma was one of the precious people who signed my autograph book at my graduation in June 1968. Here is her autograph that reads;
"Dear Michael
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like roller skating
Do you like Peanut Butter?
Love, Wilma"
Well, her is Wilma's photo and she was just wonderful. Wilma is the sister of Elizabeth and Bert.

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