John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Mrs. Gladys Uhle
JS Jenks Office Administration
1967 to 1996
Photograph contributed by Nancy Uhle, '67

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Nancy Uhle entry:
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My mom and dad both graduated from Jenks and mom's class planted the ivy along the Southampton Ave. stone walls as a class project. My mom, Gladys Uhle, was active in the PTA during my years at Jenks, heading ways and means for a few years, probably working with your mom. She became an employee in Sept., 1967, as a noontime aide and office helper and remained working in the office until she passed away in May, 1996. If you walk up the main entrance steps on Southampton Ave. and make a left at the first landing there is a large stone commemorating mom's years of service to Jenks.

Nancy Screnci (Uhle) Class of 1967

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hello to all!

I just wanted to say how touched and moved I am at the dedication and service given by Mrs. Gladys Uhle to the John Story Jenks Elementary School. Everything about what she did there over those many years of service, reflects this feeling we all have (in a very tangible way!) of appreciation for this very special school.

Mrs. Glady Uhle is the mother of Nancy Uhle '67 and I thank Nancy so much for telling us this story of her mother's integral part of the school operations. I'm going to do everything I can to get a photo of Mrs. Uhle's dedication stone on the website as soon as possible.

Gladys W. Uhle Garden

Dedicated to the loving memory of Gladys W. Uhle who embodied the true essence of the JS Jenks School as a student, parent, & tireless volunteer. Her infectious smile, sense of humor, dedication and humanitarian spirit will be remembered by those she touched.
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