John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

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Presented by Nancy Screnci (Uhle)

Photo by Nancy Screnci (Uhle) Class of 1967
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    The beautiful auditorium with the wooden seats still standing, and the polished wood floor. I really like the way that the light from the windows above the north exit doors illuminates the room bringing it to life. It kind of let's one know that there is a beautiful day going on out there (as well as inside). These auditorium seats were filled with a grand assembly of all classes, singing songs together, listening to Mr. Giorno play the piano to perfection, with Mrs. Davidson leading the singing. They witnessed Miss Jaeger's story telling time, an event we all cherished. Once a year, they seated all the families who would come to the school in the evening for a huge event joining the parents, children, teachers, PTA and more.

    On the lighter side, those iron legs of each seat formed a column or channel leading all the way to the back of the auditorium, which David Russell and some others discovered as an adventure of sorts if you know what I mean. Also if the Fire Drill kong went off those huge double exit doors leading to the schoolyard came in mighty handy. - Michael Stevenson (would love to hear your memories)