John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Robert Carnevale '53

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Bob Carnevale entry:
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I just recently learned of the fantastic web site that Michael created and saw your name and decided to contact you. We went through 6th grade together. You may recall that we had a music class where we had to put two pieces of wood together, that sort of looked like a ramp. We were given drum sticks, shown how to hold them, and told to drum out a beat. You tried to help me, but to no avail 'cause I've got no rhythm.

I still live within 10 miles of Chestnut Hill and have all my life, save two years in Germany (courtesy of the U. S. ARMY). My wife is also from the "Hill" and we have been married almost 46 years. We have two children and six grand kids all of whom live within five miles of us. I am President and CEO of Bradford White Corp., a manufacturer of water heating products.

If you get a minute, drop me a line.


Bob (Robert)

Bob Braun entry:
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Please tell Tony I said hi when you see him next,


Bob Braun

Bob Carnevale entry:
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Hi Bob Braun;

I remember you also. Andy (now known as Tony) lives in Cheltenham. We get together several times a year.

Bob Carnevale

Bob Braun entry:
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I remember Robert Carnavale, He lived at the corner of Willow Grove and A rdleigh. I used to be pals with Andy Settle who lived just dowthe street.

Bob Braun Jenks '50

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Welcome, Robert! Glad you are here!

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